• The ten commandments for successful reconstruction of the hip in neglected Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip.
  • Revision of failed reconstruction of the neglected DDH.
  • Conservative treatment in DDH: Tips in practice.
  • Acetabular development in closed management of DDH.
  • One stage hip reconstruction in late presenting DDH above 8 years.
  • Deciding the appropriate procedure in neglected DDH.
  • Case Presentations:
  • - Solutions for some hip problems (5 cases).
  • - Failed reconstruction of neglected DDH in a 12 year old.

Foot and Ankle:

  • Multiple tenotomies after Ponseti procedure in severe rigid club foot.
  • The club foot: A new approach.
  • Tips and precautions in handling foot deformities.
  • Management of the severely deformed, badly scarred foot.
  • Management of severe paralytic foot deformities.
  • Forefoot deformities and congenital malformations (25 years collection).
  • The complicated deformed foot.
  • Freiberg infraction: A new surgical technique.
  • The arthrogrypotic foot: Aiming at a plantigrade foot.
  • The painful foot: The forgotten factor.
  • Considerations in the diagnosis and management of flexible flat foot.
  • Case Presentations:
  • - Tendon injuries about the foot (3 case presentations).

Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction:

  • Ankle reconstruction in Fibular Hemimelia.
  • Ilizarov in Pediatric practice.
  • Case Presentations:
  • - Post-traumatic knee instability.
  • - Osteogenic lesion of the tibia.
  • - Ulnar club hand.

Lower Limb Deformities:

Blount Disease:

  • Hemi-plateau elevation in severe Blount disease.
  • The guided growth plate.
  • Single event acute surgical correction of multiple angular and rotational deformities of the lower limb.

Cerebral Palsy:

  • General considerations in the management of Cerebral Palsy.


  • The good, the bad, and the ugly in pediatric orthopedic practice.
  • Pitfalls in pediatric trauma.
  • Remodeling of the forgotten factor in pediatric fractures.


  • Recurrent fibrous dysplasia in cortical bone graft.
  • Recurrent Osteoid Osteoma of the femur after radical excision for the third time.


  • EPOS: European Pediatric Orthopedic Society.
  • POSNA: Pediatric Orthopedic Society of North America.
  • AAOS: American Academy for Orthopedic Surgeons.
  • EOA: Egyptian Orthopedic Association.
  • EGPOS: Egyptian Pediatric Orthopedic Society
  • ASAMI Egypt.