Meet Prof. DR. Hazem M. El Tayeby

Name: Hazem M. El Tayeby

Date of birth: 11.7.1950

– MBCh.B (1974) Alexandria University.
– M.S. (1978) Orthopedics & Trauma, Alexandria University.
– M.D. (1986) Orthopedics & Trauma

Posts held:
– Lecturer of Orthopedics Surgery, Orthopedics Department, Menoufia Faculty of Medicine (1986).
– Ass. Professor of Orthopedics Surgery, Orthopedics Department, Menoufia Faculty of Medicine (1990).
– Professor of Orthopedics & Trauma, Menoufia University (1994 – till now).
– Head of Pediatric Orthopedics Unit, Faculty of Medicine, Menoufia University (1995).
– Chief Consultant of Pediatric Orthopedics, Alexandria Insurance Hospital for Newborns & School Children (1993 – till now).
– Chairman of Orthopedics Department, Faculty of Medicine, Menoufia University (2004 – 2007)

Presentations & Lectures

  • 1- Common lower limb problems in pediatric practice For Pediatricians, and general practitioners
  • 2- Management of lower limb problems in cerebral palsy
    - For Orthopedics surgeons

    - For Pediatricians (Simplified)
    - For Neurosurgeons (Simplified)
  • 3-The Severe flexible flat foot: A combined reconstructive procedure - For Orthopedics surgeons
  • 4- Freiberg infraction: A new surgical procedure - For Orthopedics surgeons
  • 5- One Stage Hip Reconstruction in neglected Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip DDH (Above 8 years)
  • 6- Tailored Reconstruction for sequelae of Septic hip arthritis in the newborn - For Orthopedics surgeon
  • 7- The cavus foot
  • 8- Ankle Reconstruction in Fibular Hemimelia
  • 9- Difficult foot problems: Options to consider
  • 10- Management of the Arthrogrypotic Hip
  • 11- Acetabular reconstruction in DDH: Selection of the procedure
  • 12- Principles in diagnosis and management of rotational and angular deformities of the lower limb
  • 13- Strange case Presentations
  • 14- Lectures for Pediatricians:
    - Questions you should answer in Pediatric orthopedics A lecture answering simple questions parents usually ask the Pediatricians. Wrong concepts are raised and simple answers are give
    - Please stop femoral artery puncture.
    - The Flat foot.
    - Common L.L. problems in Pediatric practice.
    - The Ilizarov apparatus: its applications in pediatric practice
  • 15- When the Ilizarov solution is a sole option
  • 16- Case presentation:
    - Solutions for difficult hip problems (5 case presentations)
    - Tibial hemimelia
    - Knee pterygium


The Severe Flexible Flatfoot

A Combined Reconstructive Procesdure with Rerouting of the Tibi alis Anterior Tendon

Freiberg’s Infraction

A New Surgical Procedure

hip reconstruction

One-stage hip reconstruction in late neglected developmental dysplasia f the hip presenting in children

Osteochondroplasty of the femoral head

Osteochondroplasty of the femoral head in hip reconstruction for type 2 late sequelae of septic arthritis